How to Create a Minimalist Scandinavian Living Room in 10 Easy Steps

by | Jun 3, 2023 | Interior Design Styles | 1 comment

scandinavian living room

If you aim to establish a comfortable retreat within your own home, Scandinavian living room decor offers an ideal source of inspiration. It exudes warmth, charm, and a sense of solace.

Scandinavian design embodies a sleek and contemporary aesthetic while creating an inviting atmosphere that suits any dwelling. Emphasizing the importance of textures and employing light, airy color palettes, the Scandinavian decor is an excellent choice for brightening and revitalizing living spaces, regardless of their size.

Closely related to minimalism, Scandinavian designs concentrates on what truly matters and seeks to eliminate unnecessary clutter that fails to contribute to a harmonious living environment.

In this article, I will explore the key elements and principles behind Scandinavian living rooms and discover why they have become a sought-after style around the globe.

Key elements of a Scandinavian living room

  • Neutral color palette
  • Natural materials
  • Cozy textures
  • Functional furniture
  • Step 1 : Declutter and simplify
Scandinavian Living Room

The first step to creating a minimalist Scandinavian living room is decluttering and simplifying. This means removing unnecessary items from your living space and focusing on the essentials. Start by removing everything from your living room and only bringing back the items you truly need and love.

This includes furniture, decorative items, and functional items such as lighting and storage. Once you have removed any unnecessary items, critically examine your living space and identify areas that could benefit from simplification.

This could include eliminating excess decorative items, consolidating storage, and organizing electronics and cords. By decluttering and simplifying your living space, you will create a cleaner, more streamlined environment free of distractions and clutter.

  • Step 2 : Focus on Just the Must-Haves
scandinavian living room 3

This living room, with its tan and brown color scheme, exemplifies a Scandinavian style that embraces experimentation with color while maintaining a distinct Danish home decor aesthetic often seen in magazines.

The characteristic Scandinavian living room design approach focuses on simplicity and functionality, eliminating any unnecessary elements. To achieve this look, it is recommended to keep things elegant and uncomplicated, with minimal artwork and decorations.

  • Step 3 : Curate A Neutral Living Room Color Scheme
scandinavian living room 8

A suitable initial step is to create a neutral setting, and the most effortless method to accomplish this is by using pure white walls in the living room. This clean and unadorned backdrop is a timeless and visually pleasing option, offering the flexibility to alter the room’s appearance by simply changing accessories, soft furnishings, and artwork.

If you like color and patterns, consider incorporating a few accent colors instead of overwhelming the space or striving for a perfectly coordinated look.

For instance, you can pair a patterned cushion or rug with a grey sofa or footstool or adorn a single feature wall with intricate, hand-painted wallpaper or artwork.

  • Step 4 : Mix Types of Wood

Many homes in Scandinavian incorporate abundant natural wood elements, as exemplified in this living area. While most households prioritize lighter, faded wood types, it is worth experimenting with various wood tones, including surfaces painted in white or gray.

  • Step 5 : Find the Right Lighting

An essential characteristic of Scandinavian design is its recognition and admiration for the presence of natural light. Maximize the natural light in your living room by using sheer curtains or opting for window treatments that allow sunlight to filter through. Connect with nature by incorporating indoor plants and natural elements like stone or wooden accents.

  • Step 6 : Put The Focus On Flooring 
scandinavian living room 0

Light-colored types of wood, like pine or birch, effectively reflect light. Another option is to paint the floorboards white, which creates an illusion of a larger space. Additionally, wooden floors highlight a room’s architectural and furnishing aspects.
In Scandinavian living room designs, rugs play a significant role, particularly when paired with wooden flooring.

They are commonly placed in specific areas, such as under a table, in the main living space, or corridors. A rug in the living room also introduces a vibrant touch of color and texture. Regarding materials, wool and cotton are often preferred, while the design and colors can be chosen according to personal preference.

  • Step 7 : Use Raw Materials Found In Nature
scandinavian living room 89

Wood, leather, wicker, and cotton, such as natural materials, play a significant role in an authentic Scandinavian living room. Bringing raw materials into your home helps you maintain a connection with nature, even while indoors.

The Scandinavian design seamlessly blends natural stone, wood, and linen materials. All materials, including whites, creams, and gray lounge ideas, should be kept within a similar tone and color range.

  • Step 8 : Hygge As a Priority

While the Danish word “hygge” has no exact equivalent in other languages, it encompasses the concept of warmth and contentment. This sofa perfectly aligns with the cozy Scandinavian aesthetic “hygge” represents. Incorporate knitted items, woven fabrics, and cushions to create a snug atmosphere.

However, it’s essential to strike a balance and avoid excessive clutter. This sofa is a perfect example of your Scandinavian living room design.

  • Step 9 : Midcentury Themes

While Scandinavian design and midcentury modern are not identical, they do exhibit certain overlapping elements. In this particular living room, you can observe the presence of sleek lines and furniture with tapered legs, which complement both design styles effectively.

Both approaches embrace the concept of minimalism and purposeful design, which greatly appeals to us.

  • Step 10 : Corner Fireplace
scandinavian living room 890

Without a doubt, the cornerstone of the Scandinavian living room style is the fireplace. If you have a fireplace in your home, you must decorate that corner.
Display a few pieces of artwork on the fireplace’s walls, and bring the Scandinavian style to life in the corner by opting for a geometric table and a plush white chair.

Scandinavian style design is widely favored for combining simplicity, elegance, and functionality harmoniously, making it a popular option for crafting warm and welcoming living environments.

By embracing clean lines, natural materials, a neutral color palette, and practical furnishings, you can transform your living room into a serene sanctuary reflecting Scandinavian living room design’s timeless charm.

So, go ahead and infuse your living room with the essence of Scandinavian designs and experience the joy of a space that celebrates simplicity, functionality, and effortless beauty.