Renovation of Bathroom to Give Your Space a Whole New Look

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Looking for ideas for your own renovation of bathroom? Whether you’re considering minor upgrades, envisioning a complete transformation, or simply daydreaming, renovating your bathroom can greatly enhance the ambiance of your home and even elevate your skincare routine.

It’s no wonder that, alongside the kitchen, the bathroom frequently becomes a top priority when planning a remodel. However, selecting a new look can be challenging. To help you out, I’ve gathered a variety of bathroom decor ideas from the esteemed pages of Architect Effects.

renovation of bathroom
renovation of bathroom

When replacing materials, remember that budget-friendly options often resemble their more expensive counterparts. For instance, instead of genuine wood plank flooring, consider luxury vinyl flooring.

High-definition laminate and quartz countertops now rival granite in replicating the appearance of natural stone, while faux-stone ceramic and porcelain tile backsplashes can imitate the look of travertine and marble.

renovation of bathroom 1
remodelled bathroom

If your bathroom has a wooden floor, consider covering it with more moisture-resistant flooring options like tile, sheet vinyl, or luxury vinyl plank.

Alternatively, you can save time, energy, and money by keeping the wooden floor and painting it with protective enamel. While solid hardwood isn’t the ideal choice for bathroom flooring, this low-cost solution allows you to preserve it for as long as possible. It will be good idea renovation of bathroom.

renovation bathroom

Revitalize your existing cabinets by replacing their hardware. To simplify the process, ensure the screw alignment of the new hardware matches the holes on your current cabinets before making a purchase. This way, you can avoid drilling new holes.

renovation of bathroom 90
renovating bathrooms ideas

Installing a new sink faucet is a designer’s and DIY enthusiast’s trick to make a sink shine without replacing the entire top or vanity. Sink faucets are simple, easy, and quick to install on your own, eliminating the need for a plumber.

This approach not only saves on labor costs but also speeds up your project timeline.

renovation of bathroom

Consider replacing your bathtub only as a last resort, especially if you’re looking to save money. If the issue is primarily cosmetic, opt for relining or refinishing your tub instead.

Avoid bathtub and shower liners, as they are not a permanent solution and can be more expensive than they appear, due to the need for professional installation.

bathroom remodels

If you have the strength to carry a toilet, you can avoid calling a plumber and install it yourself. Installing a toilet requires only a few waterline hookups, and by following straightforward, step-by-step instructions, you can complete the task on your own.

It will be a budget-friendly bathroom renovation bathroom design.

renovation of bathroom

Save money by keeping the toilet and bathing facilities in their current locations. There’s no need to move the plumbing if their existing positions meet your needs. Relocating water supply and drainage lines can significantly increase the cost of any remodelled bathroom project.

bathrooms and renovations

Bathrooms are typically compact, you can easily purchase pre-assembled or semi-assembled vanity tops and units that can be installed in just a few hours. These vanity units come in standard widths from 24 inches to 60 inches.

You can also find matching countertops that come with built-in sinks, simplifying the installation process and eliminating the need for additional caulking and sealing.