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One of the important things when designing an interior is the choice of color.

Interior design with colors require an extended research. Colors can add warm, cold, friendly, and comfortable features to the spaces, they provide an identity to the space.

When colors are used correctly, you can get the effect you want in your space. To use colors correctly, we need to understand the language of colors.

Colors have significant psychological effects, which are also reflected in people’s behavior.

With all that being said, color choices are very crucuial in interior design.

How Should We Use Vivid Colors to Create More Energetic Interiors?

You can choose vivid colors for a warmer, peaceful, and joyful environment.

Important thing to note is when you try to create an energetic and cheerful interior by using lively colors, you might implement tiring effects without realizing.

interior design with colors

If you want to use vivid color in your interior, you can read my article below.

I usually recommend using vivid colors on walls, furniture, or accessories.

Using vivid colors on the ceiling and floor will make the space tiring and your space will look small.

At the same time, the use of vivid colors on the floor and ceiling will make the interior look smaller.
The use of color is significant to make your space look bigger.

If you want to use vivid colors in a space where you spend a lot of time, combining colors with gray or monochrome would be a good idea.

interior design with color

Gain a Movement When You Are Passing Between Your Spaces

The use of vivid colors in the transition areas will definitely make you feel good.

The openings in the transitions between the spaces can be highlighted with color.

If there is direct opening to the other space (such as open kitchen), it would be a good option to define that area with a different color.

interior design with color

A corridor might be the most underrated part of the house, however I think it’s essential. Therefore it needs to radiate style and color.

Corridor is the gateway to the rest of the house and your guests’ first impression. Therefore, using a lively color in your corridor will be impressive.

You can also use vivid colors to emphasize your space.

For example, using a bright color armchair in a space where you use soft colors; or a wall with vivid color will make you feel good. 

If you use vivid color on the wall, I recommend choosing white for your furniture. I think white modernize the interior. It is also a great option to provide color balance.?

Whatever colors you choose, remember that balance is critical. Remember to add neutral colors such as black, white, brown, or gray to each space.

Make sure you choose a bold and bright color, use muted color (tone-on-tone looks excellent too), and then use neutral colors for the rest of the space. Too many different colors won’t work. “

interior design with color 3


You can use vivid colors to separate your interior space and create a room within the same room.

Let me explain this to you with a few examples.

1-If you do not have a study room in your home, you can design a study area in the corner of the living room or bedroom.

The fact that this area is separated from the main space helps the person to focus during work. At the same time, being an emphasized area in the space makes the space special.

Dining rooms are also  great place to try your first move of applying color. In other words, you can use the color design to create a dining room in your living room.

interior design with color 4

Even if you do not change the floor, the color change you will use on the wall and ceiling will be sufficient.

2-As a different example, you can apply paint by considering the outer door opening to the house’s main space and its surroundings. By doing this, you will have reserved that space.

This way, it will be possible to define a place within a space.

Gain a Movement Details

You can define an area with the use of color in the details. For example, if your window has depth, you can create beautiful details to customize your space.

In other words, you can use color with plants, flowers, or paintings. Because with plants and flowers, you can be interchangeable and multi-directional.

Use Color in a Simple Interior!

While designing bathrooms, light colors are generally used.

“Everything should be white because it is a bathroom”  is a wrong perception.

If you do not want your bathroom to be still, you can add color to your bathroom.

For example, if you have a niche in your bathroom, adding vivid color to the depth of the niches will bring movement to your bathroom or you can make coloring on your shower wall or accessories.