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Industrial style in interior spaces is among the most preferred styles in recent times. Bedroom design industrial style is good choice for your room.
The industrial interior design style showcases the building materials we usually try to hide in the interior.
It’s about adding an unfinished look to the most thoughtfully designed homes.

This design, which gives equal importance to both beauty and simplicity and aims to create unpretentious spaces, makes interiors fascinating.

The original materials and accessories of the building emphasize the aesthetic and decorative presence of the brick and concrete walls.

So if I were to summarize this interior style in one sentence, Everything is clear; there is no secret!


You can apply this interior style in every room of your home.
In this article, I will talk about what you should pay attention to when using the industrial style in the bedroom, which is the most special place in your home.
If you want to use this style in your bedroom, I recommend reading my article below.


In industrial design, you can see that gray, black, copper, and brown tones dominate. You can make light and dark transitions between colors if you choose these tones. For example, you can show these transitions in your choice of pillows, blankets, or mattresses on your bed.

You will have a modern and aesthetic look while emphasizing the tones of gray with white, black, and beige colors.
Using gray also on metal will give a very stylish look. For example, if you plan to put a bookcase in your bedroom, metal shelves and legs in the bookcases will be a good choice.

You may think that such dark colors can cause problems with lighting.
However, these colors lie in the spirit of industrial design, and you can support this decoration with vibrant colors.
For example, bright red, yellow, or orange can be very nice.


Wooden furniture is highly preferred in industrial design. The combination of aged furniture and raw wood will allow you to shape this style.
For example, you can use wood panels on the bed in your bedroom. If you are interested, you can easily design your furniture. If you are interested in industrial style, it will not be difficult to be creative. ?


You can create an industrial-design bedroom with textile products from linen, leather, cotton fabric, and burlap.


Dark colors are preferred in industrial design; lighting is essential for this style.
It would help if you used large and large lighting.
In industrial designs, you can include metal, brass, and copper design lighting.


Long metal pendant lamps hanging from the ceiling and metal lampshade lamps will be the right choice to choose a large metal or copper floor lamp in your bedroom.


If you want to use accessories on your walls, You can include paintings with text patterns, metal sheets, and large boards.

Also, you can have beautiful decorations by using large industrial-style clocks on your walls.

At the same time, you can enrich the interior by including plenty of antique pieces. For example, old silvers and coppers will help you a lot at this point.

Now let’s summarize the style of industrial with bullet points..

Walls and Structure: Bricks, reinforced concrete, steel beams, or columns are a good choice for an industrial interior design style combined with a stainless steel high ceiling.

Color: Shades of gray are good when mixed with white for a clean look.

Flooring: The most used option for an industrial style on a floor is polished concrete, which can be rough and patchy. Timber & Stone flooring is an excellent option to help you achieve an industrial look in your facility.

Lighting: Metal-coated freestanding floor lamps are the perfect light source for an Industrial look. You could also try adding a few pendant lights to your space!

Furniture and Decor: It would be a good choice to use wood and aged furniture.Plants will add color to your environment, so a few large leaves will be a good choice if you have enough space in the room.

Distinctive Features of Industrial Style

Large, high windows and columns;
Floor made of stone, concrete, or wood;
Brick or concrete walls
High ceilings