10 Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas to Steal Right Now

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Jeremiah Brent kitchen

Luxury manifests in myriad ways within the kitchen design, a space that has transcended its utilitarian roots to become a central design hub where families gather.

Amidst shifting trends, certain defining elements are shaping the aesthetics of upscale kitchens, from opulent marble islands to striking lighting fixtures and the iconic red knobs adorning Wolf ranges.

Personalization stands out as a prominent trend. According to designer Jeremiah Brent, the era of simply customizing pillows has evolved to include appliances.

“Today, everyone desires personalized appliances, and the possibilities are boundless,” he shared. Brent’s own New York studio kitchen exemplifies this trend with its blend of vintage Italian sconces, luxurious stone accents, and charming undersink curtains complementing sleek JennAir appliances. “You can create a modern, tech-savvy kitchen that still exudes warmth, heritage, and depth,” he emphasized.

Whether concealing appliances discreetly or showcasing them proudly, these 10 luxury kitchen design concepts will ignite your imagination, elevating your culinary space to unparalleled heights.

kitchen design ideas

At its core, the Unexpected Island is about breaking free from the conventional kitchen design layout. It introduces an element of surprise and delight by incorporating unconventional features into the central island—a focal point that transcends mere utility to become a statement piece.

  • Embracing Versatility

One of the key principles of Poonam Khanna’s design philosophy is versatility. The Unexpected Island is not bound by a singular purpose; instead, it serves as a multifunctional hub within the kitchen.

From a sleek cooking station with integrated appliances to a casual dining area or even a workstation for creative endeavors, the possibilities are endless.

  • Fusion of Materials and Textures

Khanna’s mastery lies in her adept use of materials and textures to create visual intrigue. The Unexpected Island may combine contrasting elements like smooth marble countertops juxtaposed with rustic reclaimed wood or industrial metal accents.

This harmonious fusion adds depth and character to the kitchen space.

  • Playful and Personalized Touches

What sets the Unexpected Island apart is its ability to reflect the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle. Khanna encourages clients to infuse playful touches—a pop of vibrant color, whimsical hardware, or personalized details that make the island truly one-of-a-kind.

kitchen design backsplash

Check out Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s stunning kitchen design if you’re attracted to a luxurious style. This area includes custom cabinets painted in a beautiful green color, an extravagant island, and a unique hood made by Christopher Peacock.

The oversized light fixtures, designed by Bullard for Corbett Lighting, add a touch of grandeur as they hover above. And let’s not even begin to gush about the mesmerizing mosaic tile backsplash—it’s truly a work of art!”

two-toned cabinets

Renowned designer J. Randall Powers worked his magic in the kitchen of a magnificent Houston residence, showcasing his expertise with a blend of custom craftsmanship and elegant finishes.

The lower cabinets, meticulously crafted with a strie effect, introduce a unique texture and depth, while the upper cabinets painted in Sherwin-Williams’s Roman Column add a touch of timeless sophistication.

The sink fittings by Rohl offer both functionality and style, complementing the high-end appliances including a Wolf range and Sub-Zero refrigerator, which seamlessly integrate into the luxurious design.

kitchen designs

Located in the beautiful Sonoma estate created by famous designer Ken Fulk, the kitchen design exemplifies everlasting grace and careful planning.

The old oak-plank flooring creates a cozy atmosphere, enhanced by the eye-catching painted chevron cabinets that cleverly hide the refrigerator, providing practicality and visual charm.

In the center of the kitchen, a custom-built island stands out, carefully designed to look like a high-quality piece of furniture. Bordering this central point are classic bar seats from the 1950s, created by the renowned Swedish designer Carl Malmsten, introducing a hint of mid-century allure and sentimentality to the area.

Fulk’s meticulous attention and skillful combination of traditional and contemporary features result in a kitchen that functions as a culinary sanctuary and a visual treat for both residents and visitors.

kitchen remodel

Ashe Leandro, a renowned design company, made a significant impact with their Scandinavian design-influenced renovation of the kitchen in this stunning Park Avenue home.

Taking inspiration from Nordic design, the kitchen emanates a feeling of simplicity, functionality, and warmth. A key feature of the room is the luxurious Wolf stove, combining elegance with high-quality cooking functions.

The cozy built-ins add charm and functionality by strategically showcasing dishes and culinary treasures, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality. Adding large bookshelves not only brings sophistication but also reflects the homeowner’s refined taste and passion for books.

Ashe Leandro’s meticulous focus and skill in adding character to each design element result in this kitchen embodying Scandinavian sophistication and modern indulgence, providing a visually striking area that is also a practical culinary oasis.

kitchen design

The kitchen in this Jett Projects apartment features an engaging mix of colors and materials, taking the space to a higher level of elegance. The contrast between the clean white marble countertops and the bold black marble dining table is visually captivating, bringing depth and personality to the space.

The dining table, specially designed and made from Nero Marquina marble, showcases superb craftsmanship and enduring elegance. Encircling the focal point are Carl Hansen & Son chairs, individually styled in a distinct color combination that seamlessly complements the overall design concept.

A pendant light created by Volker Haug Studio above adds a modern touch and ambient lighting, increasing the space’s appeal. This meticulously selected mix of components not only forms an engaging color narrative but also showcases the exquisite style and focus on detail that characterizes the interior design philosophy of Jett Projects.

mixed materials in kitchen

In this Long Island beach house’s kitchen, there is a large island made of stainless steel and walnut. The basin is manufactured by Julien, and the fixtures are from Dornbracht.

Thermador made the refrigerator and range, while the cabinetry is painted with Ralph Lauren lacquer.